Hydrate for Health!

Hydrate for Health!

Healthy eating is not just about what we eat. It is also about what we drink.

This unit includes information about healthy beverage options and the importance of drinking water.

SNaX League Short #1 – Sugar Zombies

SNaX League members Professor Atlas and Night Snack describe the origins of the Sugar Zombie outbreak and the SNaX League’s plan to fix everything.

Parent Activity This is a simple worksheet for students to complete with their parents or other family members about the different kinds of beverages kept at home. (PDF download)

Bookmarks Learn fun facts about healthy beverage choices! These bookmarks help students to learn key lesson points and to communicate these points to friends, other students, and family.

Student Advocate Guide The guide summarizes key lesson points from Hydrate for Health and provides students a space to write down 1-2 key messages they would like to share with friends, other students, and family. (PDF download)

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